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The Sagarmatha Deep Development Initiative (SDDI)
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Funding Information  (Dollar US)
Total Actual Commitment:
3,181,537 Dollar US
Total Planned Commitment:
0 Dollar US
Total Actual Disbursements:
3,089,066 Dollar US
Total Planned Disbursements:
0 Dollar US
Total Actual Release of Funds :
0 Dollar US
Unallocated Disbursements:
92,471 Dollar US
0 Dollar US
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dZi Foundation
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dZi Foundation - Team
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Project Title: 
The Sagarmatha Deep Development Initiative (SDDI)

Status:  On-Going
Status Reason: 

The dZi Foundation's Project agreement was signed on the date of 30th May 2013 for the amount of 26,79,231 USD and we have also ammend the project agreement after the earthquake on the date of 6 May 2016 by the budget of 502,305.


  Output for specific objective 1

  • Support construction of civil infrastructure in target communities
  • provide technical support and mentorship to local farmers in vegetables, species and medicine plant cultivation 
  • provide local farmer and community member with technical support for effective cooperation formation and management 
  • support formation and strengthening of  parent teachers association in Local government Schools 

   Output for Specific Objectives 2

  • Support the formation and legal registration if representative and community based local NGO's. 
  • Teach NGO partners best practices in projects cycle through close mentorship during project implementation.


  Specific objectives 1: supporting a variety of local civil projects that contribute to an increase in the overall prosperity of our target communities.

  • school building construction 
  • Drinking Water Construction 
  • Toilet Construction                   
  • Community Building               
  • Income generation                   

Specific Objective 2 : Increasing the capacity and autonomy of our local NGO partners through close mentorship during project implementation and development as well as provision of specific technical trainings.

  • New VDC Expansion 
  • Parent Teacher Association 
  • Civil society/ NGO Stakeholder Training and Membership
  • Scholarship for Advance Technical Skills 
  • Matching Grant 


Improve livehoods of rural area's people using the access activities of the dZi Foundation.

To sustainably increase the prosperity and well being of individuals and our target communities as a whole through supporting locally determined civil projects that cross sectors including, but not limited to, income generation, pubic infrastructures, health and cultural preservation.   

  • Increase in well being among target communities.
  • An aggregate increase in overall prosperity as measured by the element listed: Quantitative indicators will be determined by communities in the initial project phase but will include.

Physical Progress %: 
Gender Marker: 
Directly Supportive
Activity is Off Budget

Donor Codes: 
  • [dZi Foundation ]


Date of Agreement:  30/05/2013
Date of effectiveness:  06/12/2012
Proposed Start Date:  30/05/2013
Actual Start Date:  30/05/2013
Extension Date 1 Comments: 

Extension Date 2: 
Extension Date 2 Comments: 

Planned Completion Date:  29/05/2018
Extension Date 1:  30/05/2018
[NEPAL] [Eastern (Purwanchal)] [Sagarmatha ] [Khotang (Diktel)] 45%

[NEPAL] [Eastern (Purwanchal)] [Sagarmatha ] [Solukhumbu (Salleri)] 55%

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Implementation Level: Development Region

Implementation Location: District

National Plan
[National Development Plan (NDP)] [Social Development Policy] [Non-Governmental Organizations] 100.0%
Primary Sector
Nepal Sector Classification - OTHERS - SOCIAL (100)%

Secondary Sector
Nepal Functional Coding - DEFENSE - Defense n.e.c. (100)%

Organization Name : dZi Foundation
Organization Role : donor
Type Of Assistance : Grant Aid
Modality of Assistance : Humanitarian Assistance
Earthquake Disaster Response : Yes
Mode of Payment : Direct Payment Mode
Conditions :
Actual Commitments
Actual 30/05/2013 3,181,537   US Dollar
Subtotal Actual Commitments: 3,181,537 Dollar US    
Actual 31/12/2013 309,457   US Dollar
Actual 30/06/2014 292,969   US Dollar
Actual 31/12/2014 146,450   US Dollar
Actual 25/06/2015 306,219   US Dollar
Actual 30/12/2015 247,943   US Dollar
Actual 30/06/2016 409,440   US Dollar
Actual 31/12/2016 274,055   US Dollar
Actual 31/07/2017 519,908   US Dollar
Actual 31/12/2017 582,625   US Dollar
Undisbursed Balance: 92,471 Dollar US    

Total Actual Commitments: 3,181,537 Dollar US  
Total Actual Disbursements: 3,089,066 Dollar US  
Undisbursed Balance: 92,471 Dollar US  
Delivery rate: 97%
Key Achievements
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 Website -     https://dzi.org/
  Date:  2/11/2016
 General Agreement -     GA new.pdf
  Date:  2/11/2016
Implementing/Executing Agencies
Donor Organization
  • dZi Foundation

Counterpart Ministry
  • Ministry of Women, Children & Social Welfare 100 %

Executing Agency
  • dZi Foundation 100 %

Implementing Agency
  • NGOs 100 %

Contact Information
Donor funding Contact Information: 
Benjamin Richard Ayers -

FACD Contact Information: 
LB Khatri -

Project Coordinator Contact Information: 
Gyan Bahadur Bhattarai Program coordinator (Khotang)-
Jitna Kubir Rai Program Coordinator (Solu)-

Implementing Agency Contact Information: 
Nawa Jyoti Yuwa Manch (NYM) (laku Kuir Rai) contact person -
Creative Porters Society (CPS) (Ramesh Kumar Rai) contact person -
Nawayoug Ekata Bikash Samatee(NEBS) (Sukra Ram Rai) Contact Person -
Solukhumbu Development Society(SDS) (Prakash Karki) contact person -

Executing Agency Contact Information: 
dZi Foundation -
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